High&Heavy and Breakbulk Cargo

RORO USA LLC. is one of the world’s leading Ro/Ro operators, offering transportation for a wide range of cargo, including trucks, buses, boats, agricultural equipment and construction equipment to destinations worldwide. 


HIGh&heavy cargo segments

RORO USA LLC. can transport almost any type of cargo. To transport heavy and/or long breakbulk cargo, our professional cargo operation team will find the most suitable equipment and way of handling your cargo safely on board.

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roro cargo guideline

RORO USA LLC. fleet of rolltrailers incorporates several different sizes of cargo carrying equipment, within a range of 20 to 80 feet and with a capacity of up to 160 metric tonnes.

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how to load roll trailer cargo

For breakbulk, project and other out of gauge cargo we use modern and specialised rolltrailers. The rolltrailers are specially designed for smooth and safe transportation of heavy, wide and/or long breakbulk cargo.